Student Fees

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The Service and Activity Fee (S&A Fee) supports nonacademic student activities, programs, and projects on the WSU Pullman campus. It enriches the Coug experience by providing funding for student government, entertainment, student organizations, speakers, facilities, and recreation. 

The S&A Fee is determined by students. Each year, the student-led S&A Fee Committee hears requests and proposals from campus groups, determines allocations, and sends a fee recommendation to the WSU Board of Regents, which gives final approval.  

Student involvement in this process is crucial to ensuring that students have a voice in spaces and programs that are meaningful and engaging to them (and, in some instances, it is governed by the Revised Code of Washington). The process is also a key part of WSU’s shared governance model, which fosters partnership, equity, and accountability by asking students to serve as leaders and representatives on committees and advisory boards.

2023-2024 Pullman S&A Fees 

Detailed information about the 2023-24 S&A Fee allocations is below. You can click on each department in the table to see the recent history of its allocations and a summary of its planned use for the funding. 

Questions about the allocations or the S&A Fee process can be sent to or 

Please note that the information below is specific to WSU Pullman. If you are looking for information about S&A fees for the other WSU campuses, the links in the footer will take you to the fee information for each campus. 

2023-2024 Pullman S&A Fee Allocation Breakdown

Department/Organization (linked text below) Percent Allocation Requested ($) Allocated ($)
Academic Success and Career Center 0.00 60,480 0
ASWSU Administration/Executives 2.98 291,503 259,837
ASWSU Senate 1.26 127,600 109,655
ASWSU Senate Programming 4.19 450,408 364,960
Athletics 1.08 188,000 94,000
CATS / Cougar Accessible Transportation Services 0.78 98,248 68,250
Center for Civic Engagement 3.16 331,790 274,744
Center for Student Organizations and Leadership 9.78 1,017,712 850,408
Children's Center 4.23 405,000 368,110
Coalition for Women Students 1.86 182,073 161,940
Compton Union Building (CUB) 18.10 1,774,758 1,573,791
Cougar Marching Band 2.27 233,858 202,215
Disability Awareness (Access Center) 0.17 14,900 14,900
Graduate and Professional Student Association 5.55 473,160 483,160
Health Promotion 2.84 280,935 256,460
Student Entertainment Board 4.64 488,800 403,734
Student Media 2.41 238,216 209,497
Student Transit Program 5.63 565,583 490,172
University Recreation 16.02 1,496,464 1,392,972
Veterans Affairs 0.14 40,945 14,203
Long-Term Debt Service 12.81 1,113,620 1,113,620